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Jute Bags

PRC BIZCRAFTS is offering various varieties of Jute Bags with high quality and at an affordable prices to the customers with tailor made Jute Bags.

Jute is an ideal material for making shopping bags, and for several reasons: the raw material is environmentally friendly, it is a visually appealing material, and jute fibre can be harvested

Uses of jute :-
  • The burlap bag was traditionally used to carry and store potatoes, cereals and sugar.
  • Today, jute is being used in a more creative way, ideally suited to a variety of uses, ranging from :
    multipurpose bags, beach bags, bottle bags, shopping bags, supermarket reusable bags, packing, wrapping material, etc.
  • Jute is used in composite materials for the automobile industry too. An Eco-Friendly Material
  • It is only recently that the organisations have started to use Jute as an environmentally friendly material for making bags and reusable packaging.

Benefits of Jute Bags :-
The use of jute bags instead of plastic bags advantages, including:
  • Jute bags are durable.
  • Jute has a very low CO2 footprint
  • Jute has a very low water footprint
  • Jute has a very low ecological footprint
  • Jute bags are extremely strong
  • Jute bags are hip and trendy
  • Jute is Cradle to Cradle
  • Jute bags are biodegradable and 100% compostable.
  • Jute bags are reusable and therefore environmentally friendly.


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