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Biodegradable Bags

We are committed to offer our clients quality approved collection of products some of them are as follows : -
  • Bio Compostable Degradable Garbage Bags
  • Bio Compostable Degradable Carry Bags
  • Bio Compostable Degradable Pouches etc.

We are the Distributor of Bio Compostable Degradable Bags in Kolkata and the whole of West Bengal. Different sizes, colors, thickness and density of the Bio Bags are available in different materials.

Advantage :

Comes from nature:-Made from renewable vegetable starch to replace petroleum and trees. Conserves precious energy and resources.

Return to nature:-After being disposed of into soil or compost, Bio-bags products can decompose completely into carbon di oxide (CO2) and water by way of naturally consumed micro-organism. No negative effect will be left behind. By being less dependent on fossil resources, Bio bags will be release less heat energy and CO2 , during incineration, hence global warming is reduced. It also helps to ease global warming by using a highly renewable resource like Corn. There are less Carbon emissions in the manufacturing and transportation of these bags than a Petroleum based plastic or paper bags.


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